Thinking about having a baby? Already pregnant? Been there done that?

Now is a great time to start Pilates.

Why Pilates?

Get your body ready for pregnancy. Pilates is designed to prepare your body to best handle whatever life throws at you. It is one of the best systems of exercise to develop the strength you’ll need in your glutes, hamstrings, back, transverse abdominals and pelvic floor (basically your girdle and floor for your organs and baby). Strength and alignment in the right places will help you carry without hip and back pain.

Prepare to give birth. Practicing Pilates gives you the mind body connection to properly fire and relax specific muscles as needed, teaches deep breathing techniques, and increases abdominal strength, pelvic mobility and your deep squatting range.

Keep moving! The accountability of private, duet and small group sessions are great motivation to stay active when fatigue sets in. A workout on Pilates apparatus is supported, safe, adaptable and fun for moms and moms to be! Even better, the Pilates method was designed to enhance circulation, digestion and lung capacity- helping you avoid the pitfalls of leg cramps, breathlessness, varicose veins, fatigue, constipation and so many other commonly cited pregnancy symptoms!

Deal with abdominal separation. Your muscles can only stretch so far as baby grows bigger and bigger, but strength in the right muscles and understanding natural posture can prevent or lessen the degree of separation you experience. And if it happens, the right exercises properly executed can get you back on track quicker.

Train your pelvic floor. This crucial muscle is the support for all the internal organs in your torso- and the added weight of your baby. And it has to stretch for babe to get out! Build a strong and elastic pelvic floor through helpful images and exercises to engage this often neglected area. If you’ve had a baby (or two…or more) and feel like you can’t sneeze, laugh or jump without thinking you might pee, this is for you.

Regain strength. Moving on the Pilates apparatus is like nothing else for returning your body to life. Being a mom demands a lot out of you- get your body and mind where you want them to be to keep up. The framework is truly designed for EVERY body to get what it needs!