What are the benefits of Pilates at the workplace?

The Pilates system of exercise is extremely beneficial for employees working long and mentally demanding hours seated at desks. See the following page for details on each of these specific benefits of Pilates at the workplace:

  • Improved Alignment: The poor posture that results from hours seated at a desk, looking at a computer in a cold office is the status quo these days. Tense shoulders, hunched back, tight hips, low back pain…one if not all of these are too familiar to nearly every office worker. Pilates empowers you to relearn how your body is meant to stack up for effortless movement and injury prevention.
  • Deep Core Strength: Probably the number one thing Pilates is known for is building core strength! The flat abs are wonderful, but even more importantly, the deep abdominal and back muscles activated in Pilates are just what you’ll need to hold your spine and body long and strong in it’s newly discovered proper alignment.
  • Rejuvenation: Working, stretching, rolling and moving as we do in Pilates relaxes the muscles, strengthens and lubricates the joints, detoxifies the organs, improves the circulation and immune system, stimulates the brain, releases endorphins and energizes the whole person! You leave your session feeling accomplished and revitalized- highly motivated and capable of tackling whatever’s coming across your desk!
  • Deep Breathing: Pilates prioritizes deep abdominal breathing- an empirically proven technique for combatting stress and anxiety. Activating the body’s natural relaxation response with proper breathing increases energy and focus, heightens problem solving ability, and boosts motivation and productivity. Exactly the place you want to be in at work!
  • You Time”: How often do you get to have some personal time, away from the commitments of family, career, or charity? When you’re doing Pilates, focusing on nothing but the physical task at hand will get you in a zone where you can put everything else on hold for a while. Pilates = You Time.
  • Take a Break! We know that taking breaks at work keeps our brains from slipping into “diffuse mode” where we can’t retain information and focus on details, but too often we still can’t get away from our desks. When it comes to Pilates at the workplace, the commitment forces you to take a break from your day. Taking a break also allows you to step back and reevaluate your goals and work, ensuring you’re accomplishing the right things in the right way.

How can Pilates fit at my workplace?

The ideal way to incorporate Pilates in a corporate environment is a morning or mid-day session: a 45-55 minute group mat class based on your needs. Interested employees enrol for 6-10 week sessions throughout the year. Participants bring their own mat and a water bottle to each class, wearing clothing that is comfortable to move in. All that is required is an empty room for an hour. And while you’ll leave feeling like you’ve worked out, most participants can comfortably change back into work clothes without having to find time to shower.

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