What’s in a name?

core /kôr/: The innermost part of something; the part of something that is central to it’s existence or character.

mantle /ˈman(t)l/: An important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another. A covering garment, also a figurative cloak symbolizing preeminence or authority.

Whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually, my life’s focus is to help others strengthen their core in preparation to discover and carry the mantles life has placed on their shoulders. In Pilates this literally means strengthening your core muscles – abdominals, back and hips – to ready you for the varying demands and joys of life. In the realm of mental health this means recognizing internal strengths and back-pocket skills  to help others lead with resilient peace in all areas of life. Spiritually this means guiding people through deep healing to discover the innate calling in their life- what they were truly made to do.