I’m Diana Miller: the dreamer and founder behind Core & Mantle, and a passionate pursuer of health. I believe in deep, whole health for all people: body, mind and spirit. Physically that means health beyond measuring up to a prescribed aesthetic or numerical ideal – feeling free, capable, energized and at home in your own body. Mentally and emotionally that means intellectually curious, emotionally self-aware and resilient. Spiritually that means a deep joy and sense of purpose that transcends life circumstances.

My journey with Pilates began after years of working in mental health. I had always been passionate about food and fitness in my personal life, but had limited my interest in physical health to a hobby. My vocational life was invested in supporting mental resilience and spiritual healing. In 2012 I began feeling an urge to serve people’s whole health – mind, spirit AND body. The Pilates approach to physical health resonated with me and I loved the feeling of the method in my own body.

By early 2014 I had conquered my comprehensive classical Pilates training at the Embody School of Pilates in Canmore, AB. This demanding full year program involved nearly 1000 hours of instruction, observation and practice and left me ready to teach all types of people on all the different Pilates apparatus at all levels, from fundamentals to advanced. Since that time I have continued to work with Bonny-Lynn Russell of Embody Pilates, and other Master Teachers such as Benjamin Degenhardt, Amy Alpers, and Kim Haroche.

In addition to teaching Pilates, I have worked at all of the following jobs except for one:  Chaplain at the University of Alberta; Mentorship Coach with Alberta Mental Health Capacity Building in Edmonton Public Schools; instructor and educator at the Art Gallery of Alberta; Human Resources Manager at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym; consultant for a local non-profit on community building, team engagement, participatory leadership, and organizational structure; and Barista at Starbucks. Ask me which of these things is not like the others when we meet!